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Introduction to turbulent combustion modelling using OpenFOAM® technology

This 3-day training focuses on (U)RANS modelling and aims to get the participants familiar with the basic theoretical concepts used in turbulent combustion modelling and to provide hands-on excerises to apply the theory in practice. The training has been developped in collaboration between ICON, editors of ICON FOAMpro and experts in Open Source CFD technology and Dacolt, software and service provider for CFD. The training course will be carried out by partner Dacolt and covers the following topics:

Day 1:

  • Introduction to turbulent combustion modelling in industry
  • Combustion chemistry

Day 2:

  • Turbulence / chemistry interaction
  • Non-premixed combustion modelling with reactingFoam

Day 3:

  • Non-premixed combustion modelling with reactingFoam
  • Premixed combustion modelling with XiFoam

Course participants should have basic knowledge of using OpenFOAM® technology for CFD modelling purposes. Combustion theory basics will be covered during the first day of the training. Advanced topics like LES, radiation, heat-transfer and pollutants are not covered. The training will be provided in English.


Dates: 18-20 Sept 2013
Eindhoven, Netherlands
21-23 Oct 2013
Hamburg, Germany


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