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Agenda of the Introductory Programming Training

All trainings take place from 9:00 till 17:00 on the days listed here.

Day 0 (optional)

  • Introduction to C++ code structure
  • Basic features of C++
  • Compilation
  • Tutorial: Simple serial code
  • Memory management - pointers, references and dynamic memory
  • Basics of classes
  • Tutorial: Creating a simple class
  • Classes - operators and inheritance
  • Basic templating
  • Using Doxygen
  • Tutorial: Creating derived classes
Day 1
  • Background to  OpenFOAM® and introduction to ICON
  • OpenFOAM® Overview - libraries and applications
  • OpenFOAM® application structure and compilation
  • Tutorial: Debugging with existing utility
  • Basic features in  OpenFOAM®
  • Fields
  • Mesh
  • Tutorial: Utility with field or mesh manipulation
Day 2
  • Data handling in  OpenFOAM® - dictionaries and databases
  • OpenFOAM® specific pointer types
  • Tutorial: Utility with pointers
  • Solving transport equations
  • Parallel programming
  • Tutorial: Porous heat transfer solver
Day 3
  • Runtime selection with turbulence models
  • How to compile and use a custom library
  • Boundary conditions
  • Tutorial: Pressure spring boundary condition
  • Function objects or Single phase thermophysical models /  Incompressible single phase viscosity models
  • Tutorial: Courant function object / Incompressible ideal gas law / Viscosity model
  • Discussion and questions regarding trainee's own applications


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