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Training Courses 2013

ICON, a leading independent CFD services company, is committed to providing training, support and services to the CFD community based upon best-practice processes utilising proprietary and open source software. As part of this commitment, ICON provides a number of courses on usage and further development of OpenFOAM® technology to trainees ranging from Users and Programmers to Organisations with custom requirements.


The ICON training courses have been attended by a diverse cross-section of industries and academia from sixteen countries.


Currently scheduled trainings:

Introduction to Turbulent Combustion Modelling using OpenFOAM®Technology

Net Price: € 1 800


Dates: 18-20 Sept 2013
Eindhoven, Netherlands
21-23 Oct 2013
Hamburg, Germany
On-site Training
The courses above are also frequently provided on-site at customer premises (minimum numbers of trainees apply). For some customers, this is a preferred method of undertaking training. From a cost point of view, employees remain in the workplace, removing trainees travel and subsistence expenses. As the course is undertaken at corporate premises, out of the public domain, this is sometimes considered a more appropriate environment for questions relating specifically to bespoke processes which may be confidential in nature.

Further details concerning on-site training are available upon request via our contact form.
Custom Training
These courses are designed to address specific topics of customer interest. These courses are bespoke in nature and are prepared accordingly. Further details about Custom training are available upon request at training[at]opensourcecfd[dot]com

  • OPENFOAM® and automatic optimisation
  • Aero-Acoustic noise prediction
  • Underhood thermal management
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Further details about Custom training are available upon request via our contact form.



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