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Intel Cluster Ready enables new HPC cluster users to get their work done easier, faster, and better by moving from the limitations of desktops and workstations to the increased productivity potential of HPC clusters.

Because Intel Cluster Ready offers a standards-based Linux architecture, this allows for better system, component, and application compatibility. This gives new HPC users the flexibility to choose the system and applications right for their needs and have confidence that they will work together.

Intel Cluster Ready makes it easier and faster to choose, deploy, manage, and support HPC clusters. For more information please check our homepage at www.intel.com/go/cluster.


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CPU 24/7 GmbH & Co. KG is an innovative company specialized in providing “all-inclusive” High Performance Computing (HPC) systems and computing power for industry and universities, for applications in development and research. CPU 24/7 was founded 2006 in Potsdam by German engineers, most of them having their experience and expertise in the areas of aeronautics, airplane engines, computational fluid dynamics and the respective computing power. Due to their own experience they recognised the need for specific computing power resources: CPU 24/7 provides these high-performance IT resources in a timely manner, at a reasonable price and using innovative technology in several variations – depending on the system load, the number of cores, and the usage duration either the Resource Area for a limited period of time or the Tailored Configurations as continuous state-of-the-art HPC-system will be suitable to meet your individual demands. Both remote and on demand.

BETA CAE Systems' flagship product, ANSA, provides high efficiency pre-processing for CFD applications and other disciplines. Its capabilities meet the current industry needs for external and internal flow simulations, increase productivity and contribute to the high quality of CFD results.
ANSA interfaces with all major CFD codes, including OpenFOAM®.

FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS develops and licenses the FRIENDSHIP-Framework, a premium engineering software which is dedicated to the simulation-driven design of functional surfaces. Geometric modeling and flow simulation are merged to enable the streamlined optimization of key product properties like fuel consumption, flow homogeneity or operating range.

CEI is the creator of EnSight, the leading software solution for visualizing, analyzing, and communicating data from complex mono- and multidisciplinary numerical simulations. It supports an extraordinary number of solver data formats. The open interface architecture allows for easy integration with any data format, and a Python API empowers users to customize the software to meet their specific needs.



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